Industrial Journeyman Electrician
Title:Industrial Journeyman Electrician
Location:Purolator Engineered Filtration Products
Houston, TX
Position #:52114
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- Ensure all plant machines are running safelly and are producing quality product at optimal production rates, with primary focus on electrical components.
- Provide maintenance support when required for all aspects of production and for the building.
- Support plant engineering capital projects when directed.


- Perform all elecrical repairs to plant equipment electrical supply systems.
- Understand and monitor all plant electrical distribution equipment.
- Work with plant utility company(s), and contractors to coordinate the installation of new electrical services when required.
- Ensure that all plant electrical installations (past and present) meet all current electrical codes.
- Repair and adjust production equipment and related systems when required (particulary when issues concern electrical supply components).
- Analyze, troubleshoot and repair malfunctioning machines and systems when assigned and recommend corrective actions.
- Use accepted practices, data tables, technical references and any other suitableresource or data to determine electrical equipment, materials and sizes and other working data in order to request parts and spares.
- Adjust, modify, correct and document electrical control systems as required.
- Prepare lists of work materials as required and submit to supervisor for approval.
- Make electrical repairs and modifications when approved by supervisor and production supervisor.
- Maintain a working understanding of plant manufacturing processes, production machinery, systems and facilities in order to perform inductrial maintenance effectively.
- Work in cooperation with engineering, production supervisors and company personnel as directed.
- Perform maintenence inspections and fill out maintenance checksheets as directed.
- Obtain and utilize required tools, instruments and test equipment.
- Carry out and document preventative maintenance tasks as directed.
- Clean up work area(s) and maintenance shop when work is completed.
- Work with prescribed Computerized Maintenance Management system (currently not yet implemented)
- Make suggestions to improve plant operations and productivity
- Work safely at all times and promote a safe working environment.
- Work within all plant polices and rules.
- Participate in job-related training as directed.
- Other duties and tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Required Experience:
- Minimum 2 years electrical expericende in a manufacturing environment.
- Must provide own basic hand tools suitable for electrical repairs.

Required Education:

- Minimum High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.
- Must be able to read, write and converse in English.
- Current industrial journeyman electrician certification
- Current CPR certification is desirable.